Thursday, 24 January 2013

Inside Sales Process

All sales should follow a sales process whether you are supporting an inside sales team, phone-based lead qualification team, or direct-sales team. The key question is how you define the sales process. Is it designed to help sales management or is it designed to help the sales rep? A sales process steps should be designed to tell sales reps what they need to do to reach the next step". Inside sales is typically fast-paced with lots of deals versus only a few, and as a result, having a sales process is critical to get sales reps to close.

This is the most proven Inside sales Process.

  • Create an immediate positive impression. Get the buyer's attention quickly so they focus on you. This provides the moment of opportunity for you to begin to engage the buyer.
  • Establish a relationship with the buyer. Remember we're running on emotion here. People tend to buy things from people they like or respect. If you don't establish rapport with the buyer, your whole sale is on risky ground.
  • Qualify the buyer. This is the common sense element. If the buyer really doesn't want or can't afford the product, you'll just waste your time from here on.
  • Demonstrate the benefits. This helps you understand the buyer's motivation and allows you to fully explain features and benefits.
  • 5. Create or reinforce the need. Linking the buyer's need to the product's benefits and reinforcing it is what begins the decision-making process.
  • Overcome objections. I like the traditional sentiment that "no" really means "tell me more". This is an important step in the process that can derail an inexperienced sales person's successful progress through the previous steps.
  • Close the sale. Again, so many sales people do a superb job helping their potential buyer through the decision making process and then simply fail to ask for and confirm the sale.
  • Reinforce the buyer's decision. This gives the sales person the opportunity to provide positive reinforcement to the buyer for their decision to buy.

Not much has changed about this approach. These sales steps have been around for a long time. Depending upon the product or service, a sales person can go through these steps in a matter of minutes, or it may take weeks or months to work through the steps.
What has changed is how sales people execute each of these steps. The sales process has become more personal and collaborative. Older high pressure tactics often meet with solid resistance regardless of whether the buyer is interested in the product.

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